Core Groups

As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.

Proverbs 27:17

Wednesday Nights @ 6:15pm
starting  september 4.

You are NOT who you think you are. In fact, according to bestselling author Craig Groeschel in Altar Ego, you need to take your idea of your own identity, lay it down on the altar, and sacrifice it. Give it to God. Offer it up.

Why? Because you are who God says you are. And until you’ve sacrificed your broken concept of your identity, you won’t become who you are meant to be.

When we place our false labels and self-deception on the altar of God’s truth, we discover who we really are as his sons and daughters. Instead of an outward-driven, approval-based ego, we learn to live with an “altar” ego, God’s vision of who we are becoming.

Discover how to trade in your broken ego and unleash your altar ego to become a living sacrifice. Once we know our true identity and are growing in our Christ-like character, then we can behave accordingly, with bold behavior, bold prayers, bold words, and bold obedience.

Alter Ego reveals who God says you are, and then calls you to live up to it.

Women’s study taught by Dee Gusewelle

If you've ever wondered, Is it too late for God to do something with me?, this study is for you. God frequently uses broken people to accomplish His purposes on earth. This six-session study looks at three men and three women of the Bible who were used mightily by God despite their previous mistakes. You too can learn to focus on the potential of your future, not the missteps of your past.

Couple’s study by Jim and Patti Fitzgerald

An open Bible Study with Randy Rose

 Join Randy as he takes an in-depth look at the Book of Ruth and how it draws the perfect picture of Christ’s love for us hundreds of years before Jesus' birth.

Be  the  hands  and  feet

with Donavon Cavender

Do you want to be a messenger of God, spreading the greatest news ever told--but you don't know where to start? Or maybe you are eager to share your faith, but you can't get past feeling awkward, or you fear being seen as pushy or uncool? Regardless of what might be holding you back, Nick Vujicic has written this inspirational and compelling book for you.

Revealing never-before-told stories about his life's journey, including spiritual challenges and a near-death experience, Nick details examples of ways he has shared his faith with others--from family members to strangers to presidents and prime ministers. In this engaging and motivating book, he offers innovative ways for you to help others walk in faith too.

Sunday Mornings

Join us On The Hill with Zed Davenport as he leads us through a 3 month study of the book of Mark, The Gospel of Jesus Christ, The Son of God.

It all starts at 10:30am in the Fellowship Hall

Weekly Schedules

Sunday  9am Fellowship Hall

Overcomer Bible Study - Cody Hudson

Sunday  10:30am Fellowship Hall

On The Hill - Zed Davenport

Sunday 9am Fellowship Hall

Young Adults - Cory & Breezy Rose

Wednesday 6:15pm-7:15pm

Altar Ego - Dee Gusewelle
It's Not Too Late - Jim & Patti Fitzgerald
The Book of Ruth - Randy Rose

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